Welcome to Second Thought

A workshop to improve productivity, profitability and staff well-being.

We are not responsible for our first thought. We are however responsible for the second thought and the direction in which we take it

The Second Thought Workshop can:

  • Reduce Workplace Stress – Improving work environments and staff wellbeing.
  • Increase Staff Motivation – The team sharing the big picture and their part in it.
  • Reduce Absenteeism – Removing blocks and limiting beliefs that impacts on your staff levels.
  • Increase Productivity – Improving results within your resources.
  • Increase Staff Retention – Providing a comfortable work environment and culture.
  • Creative positive environments – Promoting growth and confidence.
  • Provide Clarity of Purpose – Have a clear vision of what you can achieve.
  • Maintain peak Performance – Ensure physical and mental health energy levels are maintained.
  • Resilience – Developing a positive stance at work with the ability to overcome adversity and hold on to a sense of control over the workplace environment.

Our workshop will empower you to change that first thought. To set your team free so that they can turn up as their true self, empowered to make effective decisions and to increase productivity and profitability.

Producing and planning a second thought will provide the tools for you and your team to:

  • Network efficiently and confidently.
  • Gain the respect of your colleagues, clients and future business prospects.
  • Create a team spirit ethos to maintain performance and reach targets.
  • To achieve short term and long term business goals.

This positive environment will give service to your team to thrive and prosper in today’s business climate.

Second Thought Media Coverage

Second Thought was interviewed by Lisa Brace of Horsham TV … watch the first episode with Alan now: Visit our YouTube channel:

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