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Let us introduce ourselves

In the past Jason has worked extensively in the health and social care sector, while Alan has his roots in education. Both came together with a shared desire to improve the mental health of others and currently both work for a mental health charity.

Their desire is to share our experiences and training to support those that are experiencing fear anxiety depression stress or other related difficulties and the impact it is having on your personal and professional life. Everyone’s circumstances and starting points may have been different but for both of them, everything evolved with our first thought.

Following the same scripts always took them to the same places, maybe the same places that your scripts take you?

Alan and Jason have discovered through shared experiences a new way, a simple way. .. Change your personal script to change your life.

Now Alan and Jason want to share their strategies to enable you to discovery the freedom and outlook with you and invite you to join them on a journey to a better and more fulfilled life.




Born in 1956, Retrained as teacher due to spinal injury and subsequent surgery.
Alcoholic – Sober member of AA for over 30 years
Lifetime of anxiety/depression including hospitalisation due to self-harm/suicide attempts

Alan’s Career

1999 -2018 Alan has spent 19 years in education as a teacher, deputy-head teacher and finally head master (2012-2018). Alan took retirement due to a nervous breakdown.

(2019- current) Currently Alan is a Mental Health Peer Team Leader


BaQts History

First Class Honours Degree – St Marys University (1999)

Inner Child Healing Diploma – Centre of Excellence (2020)


Currently the service manager for mental health crisis intervention services, Jason oversaw the operations of a residential care group incorporating several care homes and a staff team of over a hundred. The operations of the group, whilst impacting Jason’s mental health and ability to remain focussed on business goals as well as the decision making process, encouraged the re-evaluation of Jason’s life with inspiration from Jack Canfield’s famous ‘Success Principles’ methodology


30 years Health and Social Care public and private sector local authority and running and owning residential care homes and support services.
Current Employment Mental Health Service Manager Crisis Intervention and Prevention Teams


Certified Trainer – Jack Canfield The Success Principles

Diploma – Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success

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