Is this how you and your team are feeling – Do you recognise anyone?

Is your team stressed and anxious?

Are they stressed and anxious because there is so much to do and so much going on everywhere they look? Are they constantly worrying about their future and their job security?

Do they lack confidence?

Are they suffering from self-doubt and lack of confidence because they are worried about their performance and not being good enough in their role. Do they feel responsible for things that are happening at work and with the company’s performance.

Do you feel like you are not making any progress?

No matter how hard you try, do you feel like you are not making any progress n moving the team forward? Do you feel stuck? Are you ready to make changes but cannot see a way to motivate your staff team out of the current situation?

Are you experiencing negative thoughts?

Are you surrounded by negative thoughts and feelings as if whatever you say or do the staff feel that things will turn out badly and so they are always worrying?

Do you feel defeated or find yourself procrastinating?

Do you feel defeated or are you full of procrastination because you want to get things done, but can’t seem to find the motivation in the team to move forward. Have you identified that staff are distracted by unimportant tasks and thoughts.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or disappointed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or disappointed because there is so much to do and you have the ideas that you want to make happen but feel almost paralyzed to act due to the anxieties and fears of those around me and from not seeing the results that you desire.

Lack of results?

Are you thinking… “I work hard every day, but I’m not getting the results or outcomes that I expected or need. Maybe I should give up”?

Does this sound like how you and your team are feeling? If so, these thoughts are creating your reality. The best way to improve your reality is to change your first thought.

Our one day Second Thought Workshop will help you achieve this. By helping you and your team set yourselves free from the thoughts and feelings that are holding your business back and by creating a motivated staff team with a new positive vision that will make strides to increase productivity, improve staff well-being and realise clarity of thought to visualise and actualise your business and career goals.

It is the second thought that counts

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